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As used by Schipol Airport being one of the first to use the BV206 in an Emergency Service role providing Airfield Fire Support
As used by the UK's Northhamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service
The Fire Chief MK.II as built by ourselves and outfitted with the latest in Fire Fogging Systems

The BV206 makes the perfect rescue vehicle as a result of both it's all terrain and load handling capabilities.

Used the world over and in service as both Fire, Ambulance and General Rescue vehicles the Hagglunds BV206 is responsible for the saving of many lives.

The Fire Appliance version comes in several forms from basic machine outfitted with a simple water tank and LPP pump system through to more bespoke units which incorporate the latest in fire fogging systems.

For more information on the BV206 Fire Chief Model Mk.I see the following example (click Specsheet):


At the other end of the BV206 Fire Appliance Scale, we have in the latest machine which we has a FAS Ultra system installed and which can provide first attack fire fighting or flood works.

This vehicle has a tremendous knock down capability and is excellent for things like grass or moorland fires.

Below we have provided a video of the FAS systems in operation...


Fire Attack System

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