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The Hagglund BV206 being amphibious is ideally suited to coping with a flooded environment.
The Hagglund BV206 being amphibious is ideally suited to coping with a flooded environment.

Floods are becoming a regular occurrence not only in the United Kingdom but the world in general. The Hagglunds BV206 is a vehicle which can undertake the toughest of jobs under these circumstance being able to travel to places which are inaccessible to more available means of rescue i.e. 4x4's and in some cases helicopters.

The BV206's amphibious capability make the ideal tool to deliver food and supplies to those stranded by flood waters whilst at the same time fulfilling a rescue role in repatriating those who have been isolated by the same waters. This video footage shows the BV206 in Columbo following the earthquake and Tsunami in it's role of supplying food aid to those cut off.

The reasons why these vehicles are so well suited to flood duties include:

• The BV206 is fully amphibious

• The BV206 can ford cross streams and flood waters

• The BV206 can carry a payload of up to 1,500kg in food and aid

• The BV206 can carry up to 16 passengers

• The BV206 can cross washed out terrain or mud slides

Basically these machines were designed specifically for the kinds of conditions that can be expected in the aftermath of a flood be it for provision of supplies or for the repatriation of people. Already a number of agency's around the UK are making use of the BV206 as a primary resource in the rescue of people involved in flood or water related incidents.

The Bay Rescue service at Morecambe use the BV206 in the provision of a first response unit who will go out into the bay area to rescue stranded individuals or to assist in the recovery of items which would otherwise be at the mercy of an incoming tide.

Bay Rescue TV Interview

You can also view the footage of the BV's in Columbo following the Tsunami which cut off regions from normal means of transportation.

Tsunami Footage