The majority of our machines are fitted with the Ford V6 Petrol Engine
The standard Diesel Powerplant which is less common is the 5 cylinder Mercedes powerplant
We also offer BV206's with a Brand New Ford Turbo Diesel Engine installation.

Choice of Powerplants

The majority of the BV206's we sell are outfitted with the originally installer and well proven Petrol/Gasoline powered V6 powerplant.

This engine provides good low end torque and delivers around 125 Bhp at 4,500rpm.

Spares are common and easy to get hold of making the petrol model a reliable and cost effective alternative to the Diesel Engined unit.

The ford engine as used in the BV206 was originally used in Ford's Consul and Granada range of vehicles having a carburettor systems as opposed to an EFi system, this makes them extremely easy to maintain in the field.

What is the main difference between Petrol/Gasoline and Diesel?

There is no real difference to speak of between a Petrol/Gasoline powered BV and a Diesel BV with the exception of better fuel economy and the fact that a Diesel Engine is a better option if you intend to use the vehicle in it's amphibious capacity.

With a dramatic reduction in the number of available Mercedes Powered Diesel BV's coming out of military hands we took the step of working closely with Ford in the development of a replacement engine which could be used in place of the V6 Petrol powerplant thereby providing us with a supply of Diesel Engined machines to rival if not better the older Mercedes Powered units.

This NEW ford Diesel Engine was selected specifically for the role of replacing the Petrol Engine due to it's simple design and lack of complicated electrical components which could be susceptible to the influence of water ingress when the vehicle us being used in it's amphibious capacity.

The engine went through a substantial program of testing to ensure serviceability and longevity with the vehicle being subjected to the task of carrying heavy loads for long periods.

This tested both the engine and the gearbox to their limits and both performed satisfactorily.

Because we are replacing the Petrol Engines with these New Diesel Powerplants, there are several additional factors which we have had to take into account.

The main factor being the cooling for the engine which has necessitated some modification to the cowling and the ducting from the radiator, this again is something which has been resolved through working closely with the OEM.

Along with the Ford V6 Petrol Engined BV206, HÄGGLUNDS have produced a Diesel engined version using a 5 or 6 Cyclinder in-line Diesel Engine.

The diesel engine being less susceptible to the influences of water ingress during amphibious duties has proven to be the more popular choice for overseas customers where water is a factor in the day to day operations of the vehicle.

Unfortunately the Mercedes powered machines have become rare in number which is why we have entered into the program of re-engining the Petrol Model using a brand new Turbo Diesel Powerplant.

There are two versions of the Mercedes powered BV206 being the 5 Cylinder and the 6 Cylinder Model.

The latter remains the current workhorse of the military and is very rarely seen in the civilian workplace.