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Personnel Carriers

Comprised of a front and rear car, the personnel carrier can carry up to 17 people...
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Cargo Carriers

Comprised of a front enclosed body and a rear cargo body which can carry approx. 1,500kg...
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Soft Tops

Comprised of an open top front unit with roll cage and vinyl cover and a rear unit of choice...
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Drops Units

The drops units can be hard or soft top units fitted with a hook lift for a variety of rear bodies...
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Special Builds

A special build is when we tailor a BV206 to suit a specific role or customers needs...
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There are many different versions of the Hagglund BV206 available due to the constant need for modification to suit a customers specific requirements.

The BV206 was originally manufactured in three basic models:

• Personnel Carrier

• Cargo Carrier (Amphibious)

• Soft Top Weapons Platform


We have modified these basic models to customers requirements to suit roles which include:

• Estate Owners Shoot Vehicles

• Emergency Services Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Mountain Rescue Services

• Disaster Aid and Support i.e. Earth Quakes, Flooding

• Public Service Companies for works undertaken where access is restrictive

• Oil Exploration Companies

• Polar Exploration and Arctic Expeditions


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