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What is a HÄGGLUND BV206?

Bandvagn 206 as it was called or Bv 206 to use its more common name is a tracked, articulated, all-terrain vehicle as was originally developed by Hägglunds (now part of BAE Systems Global Combat Systems) for the Swedish Army but which was adopted for use by many of the western military forces. The vehicle consists of two units, with all four tracks being driven which provides outstanding traction.

Hagglunds BV206 Personnel Carrier

In its most common format the Personnel Carrier it can carry up to 17 people (6 in the front compartment, 11 in the rear), and the trailer unit can be adapted for different applications.

The Bv 206 was designed to carry troops and equipment through harsh terrain, snow and marsh-lands in Sweden. The low ground pressure enables the Bv 206 to cope with a wide range of difficult conditions and is widely acknowledged as a environmentally green machine because it does not tear up the terrain it is crossing despite being on tracks, this is because unlike a tank the BV206 uses an articulated steering system as opposed to a brake and slew system.

In most forms is also fully amphibious, powered by its tracks it can attain a speed in still water of up to 4.7 km/h. Over 11,000 units have been produced and they are used in more than 37 countries.

Hagglunds BV206 Personnel Carrier

The total payload capacity is 2,250 kg and a trailer of up to 2,500 kg gross weight can also be towed behind the second compartment.

The Bv 206 was originally developed and utilised a robust Ford V6 petrol power plant which was later joined by a 5 cylinder and 6 cylinder Mercedes Benz diesel engine.

With the petrol version being the most commonly available unit in the civilian marketplace a few people have tried to retro fit a diesel engine and most have failed in their efforts.

Because of the growing demand for these vehicles we went back to the drawing board with the original engine manufacturers Ford and came up with a made to measure conversion package using a modern (albeit a mechanical version) 5 cylinder Ford Turbo Diesel Engine which has proven itself to be a reliable and robust power plant and which in most cases is proving to be more reliable than and to outperform the Mercedes powered models .