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Comprised of a standard Hard Top or Soft Top BV206 front body and a bespoke built rear cargo body, the BV206 Cargo version is well suited to the role of carrying up to 2,000Kg of cargo to and from remote locations.

Fitted with either a low style drop side cargo body or an amphibious body, this machine can take on any role in any terrain.

With high demand for these cargo version BV's we are constantly finding new ways to improve the operational capabilities of these machines and below you can see a few examples of how we have achieved this.

In this example (below picture 1) you can see how we have installed a small HIAB crane to permit the machine to self load and unload.

Being able to load and unload itself makes this machine extremely versatile and is why so many utility (Gas, Water, Electricity) companies use them in areas where other vehicles are restricted either through the terrain or the fact that constant travelling to and from the location is tearing up the terrain. A fault which the BV206 does not suffer from.

The higher sided amphibious bodies permit for carriage of 2,000kg in areas where the vehicle might encounter a river or a still body of water which must be crossed.

The high sides and the addition of a bilge pump ensure that what is carried, gets to where it's going regardless of the terrain, or weather conditions.

We have even been asked to construct a rear body for a BV206 to permit the carriage and operation of a drilling platform in boggy terrain where an amphibious body is a must to protect the rig.

As you can see from this photo, the body was extended laterally to permit a more stable platform from which to operate the rig.

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Latest News

We recently produced several vehicles for a major UK engineering company working closely with them to ensure that the end product matched their requirements exactly which necessitated the installation of a brand new hydraulic crane system.

BV's lined up ready for inspection

BV206's lined up ready for inspection

Demonstrating the crane on the BV206

Demonstrating the third bogie with trailered tanker

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