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This particular system is a development which we have found to be extremely popular with customers since it affords the ability to carry and drop off a payload.

Payloads carried on the Multi-Lift system are usually attached to a standard flatbed frame or drop side cargo body as shown above/below.

This permits a variety of systems to be carried which can range from a standard palatised load to a more structured unit including fire fighting systems which can be carried into rough terrain and dropped off or even as ambulances where the body can be detached and left as a mobile theatre. 

The load carried is angled (approx 45 degrees) as it comes off the rails and as it makes contact with the ground the vehicle slowly moves forward keeping pace with the hydraulic arm until the load is safely on the ground. Optionally the drops unit can be fitted with a roller to permit it to roll back without the need to move the vehicle forward.

The arm is retracted and the vehicle is ready to collect another load.

The most popular forms of load carried are the drop side cargo body which covers a multitude of roles, and the tanker which can be used to supply Fuel Oil or Gas or water be it drinking or as used for fire fighting.

As you can see both units employ the A-Frame arrangement onto which the Multi-Lift arm connects.

With a drop side body it the unit can also double up and be used as a tipping body.

By simply opening the rear side door and raising the arm, the unit is in effect working as a standard tipper body whilst still being able to fulfill multiple roles by simply changing pods.

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Drops / Multilift in Operation

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