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What is a BV206 made from

The Hagglunds BV206 is made from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) or fibreglass as it is more commonly known.

The use of fibreglass makes the vehicle, light, durable, hard wearing and easy to repair.

We can provide customers with a range of modification choices from simple light surrounds to complete body redesigns.

Working closely with your idea we can help plan, develop and create your bespoke moulding. The resulting mould can then be installed, tested and finished onsite by our team.

Being able to mould and create any shape has enabled our craftsmen to construct a wide number of bespoke parts.

The moulds allow us to mass produce parts which is especially useful for multiple vehicle orders.
With modern CnC machines we can even embed your company name or website address into the mould so that the product carries your branding

In the example shown here, we have put our own domain name into the new fuel tanks being employed on the soft top version.

Soft Top BV's

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