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Twist Lock Version

This started as a concept for us but has proven to be a popular choice for companies who need to operate single vehicle but which has multiple role applications.

Unlike the Drops / Multilift version this system allows for the carriage of any body type other then those which can fit onto the drops pallet.

The twist lock system quite simply is a set of 4 x small container locks onto which the body frame sits. The body is locked into place by simply sliding the arms across which turns the block to secure the body.

The body is also modified to allow for the installation of 4 x legs which allow the body to be raised to permit the BV206 to drive underneath to receive the payload body.

Below is a short video of this vehicle showing how easy it is to maneuver the BV206 under the payload.

Video of the BV206 using the twist lock modular body system.

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20150602 152422
20150602 152441
20150602 152449
20150602 153100
20150602 153109
20150602 153248
20150602 153347
20150602 153716
20150602 153734
20150602 153743
20150602 153751
20150602 153759
20150602 153814
20150602 153911
20150602 153941
20150602 154234
20150602 154245
20150602 154524
20150602 154540


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