As used by companies and individuals across the globe


We are able to arrange shipping of vehicles to any destination on the globe (subject to export licensing) by either RoRo (Roll on / Roll off, container (as per the photo) or even by air (see below)

The standard length of a BV206 is 6.9m which means that a 40ft High Cube container is required.

By Air

We are located near to Doncaster, Robin Hood Airport and we have previously had to load a Atlas Air Boeing 747 Cargo with serveral machines bound for Australia.

This meant that we had to load the machines one at a time onto a special pallet which was then loaded on a scissor lift before being presented to the raised nose of the aircraft.

The pallets with the BV206's on were then rolled into the aircraft and placed according to the loading plan.

Below is a video showing the loading of the BV's into the aircraft

Video of several BV206's being loaded at Robin Hood airport.

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