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BV206 Fire Appliances

As an emergency service vehicle which is capable of crossing terrain otherwise impassable to other vehicles, the BV206 Fire Chief as it is known is an essential item to any brigade whose area of operations includes areas of coastline or rough terrain.

The vehicle can be configured to suit your own requirements or operational duties from fire fighting to provision of specialist equipment or flood response.

This vehicle is configured in the fire fighting role and is fitted with an 800L water tank which is centrally mounted in the rear body which feeds the FireBug MistMax Pro fire fighting system (see video link below).

The tank was designed to keep the center of gravity low whilst provide enough room in the body to allow for decent locker storage space.

Video of the BV206 Fire Chief on the stand at the Emergency Services Show Video of the BV206 Fire Chief showing the vehicle during a small live fire training exercise
We have even mounted the iFEX Dual Intruder impulse system onto the BV206. The video below shows the machine being demonstrated tackling a large fire

Video of the BV206 fitted with the iFEX Dual Intruder impulse system
These vehicles are finished to a very high standard both internally and externally.

Fitted with new tracks, road wheels and sprockets as standard and when combined with the power of the new Ford Turbo Diesel powerplant, these vehicles are becoming highly sought after.

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