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fitting LED lighting

With the advancements in LED technology we can now incorporate low power, high intensity lighting in your BV206 to include:

Replacement LED Headlights / Indicators

Replacement LED Headlights / Indicators

Replacement LED Rear Lights / Indicators

Installation of LED External Work Lights

Installation of LED Inernal Lighting

Installation of High Visibility LED Warning Lights

An example of LED lighting was displayed on our vehicle at the NEC as can be seen in this short video

Video of the BV206 Fire Chief on the stand at the Emergency Services Show

Below we have provided a gallery of machines that we have fitted with a variety of LED Lighting packages.

IMG 5866
IMG 5868
IMG 5870
IMG 8991
IMG 8994
IMG 8999
IMG 9001
IMG 9007
IMG 9009


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