Personnel Carriers

We have modified dozens of these vehicles for customers to fit the specific role they are to be used for.

From rural load carriers to be used by farmers for carrying animal feed out into the hills where even Land Rover's cannot go through to Executive models which include extravagant interiors with leather seating, satelite television and even a mini-bar.
With all tracks driving these vehicles can climb up 60° inclines in dry conditions and up to 40° in snow and what's even better is that as a benefit of the articulated steering, the driver need not worry (as you would with a vehicle pulling a trailer) about what is happening with the rear unit since it's tracks follow almost exactly in the footprint of the front ones.

We have even been asked to create an executive model (seen here) BV206 Personnel Version with Metalic Paint, Air Conditioning, Velour Seating and amongst other things a TV with Built in Satelite Communications and DVD Player.

Many BV206's are used by Rescue Organisations simply because of the flexibility of the machine as well as the terrain it can traverse whilst carrying large payloads of equipment or rescuers.

Video of a Personnel Carrier being tested Video of a Personnel Carrier being driven in rough terrain


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